• Modern FarmHouse Style

    Modern FarmHouse Style

    If I had to reduce my aesthetic to a title I think it would have to be Modern Farmhouse Style.  Or at least, that is what I want to build for my family.  And, I think, its quite reflective of the aesthetic that has evolved for Oughton.  So… here is a sneak peak at the […]

  • Equestrian Style This Spring

    Equestrian Style This Spring

    From early Spring matches at the International Polo Club Palm Beach where sunday brunch can be the social highlight of the week to the kick off of the racing season at the Keenland Spring Meet, Middleburg Spring Races in Virginia or many other locales such as Aiken, Southern Pines, etc Spring is full of Equestrian Fun.  Whether its around […]

  • Valentines Gifts for the Equestrian

    Valentines Gifts for the Equestrian

    I love the idea of deferring some of the holiday gifting to Valentine’s Day.  There is a point of diminishing returns on Christmas morning.  Especially if you have young kids in the house, you stay pretty busy, helping them open, appreciate and get working all of their new toys… And, let’s face it, the whole […]

  • Winter Getaway

    Winter Getaway

    I love the idea of a winter grownup getaway in early Feb, when its at its coldest and bleakest here and things have slowed to a dull roar.  Maybe I should institute an annual Valentine’s trip we give each other?  Wondering if anyone has suggestions for great warm Feb trips with a direct flight from […]

  • Country Chic January Essentials

    Country Chic January Essentials

    The snow is falling outside and while, by day, we go a thousand sporty directions… hockey and basketball in the am, the barn for me mid-afternoon and the ski hill for everyone else, I really love reconvening in front of the fire at night…. Utanum is an Icelandic company producing very chic minimalist clothing in […]

  • Wellington – Winter Equestrian Festival

    Wellington – Winter Equestrian Festival

    In January I put on my travel agent hat, typically booking my winter horse show travel, Spring break plans and often looking ahead to the summer horse show calendar.  I update travel lists (‘what to bring’) and make sure I order anything I need ahead of time. When headed to WEF (Winter Equestrian Festival): in […]

  • Trump Invitational Grand Prix

    Trump Invitational Grand Prix

    Trump Invitational 2015 I for one was too engrossed (in the limited time I had to watch) in the George Morris Horsemastership Clinic and missed the Trump Invitational feed. If its worth doing, its worth doing well.  This is a guiding principal for me and sums up the Trump Invitational Grand Prix as well.  And, […]

  • Equestrian Stocking Stuffers

    Equestrian Stocking Stuffers

    In our household, the grownups usually just get a stocking.  And yes, sometimes a stocking can pack a punch.  You know the saying, some of best things come in little boxes.  Although, I am not much of a jewelry person.  So, when I’ve been good, my stocking sometimes includes an envelope, with tickets and itinerary […]

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