• Equestrian Stocking Stuffers

    Equestrian Stocking Stuffers

    In our household, the grownups usually just get a stocking.  And yes, sometimes a stocking can pack a punch.  You know the saying, some of best things come in little boxes.  Although, I am not much of a jewelry person.  So, when I’ve been good, my stocking sometimes includes an envelope, with tickets and itinerary […]

  • Sophisticated Equestrian

    Sophisticated Equestrian

    My muse is not a person.  It is the sophisticated equestrian lifestyle and those that inhabit it.  My inspiration tackboard (in addition to Pinterest which I love) is filled with outakes from the multi-dimensional, well-travelled and highly discriminating equestrian lifestyles that populate the AA show world.  Those outakes provide context and literal form to my designs…the idea […]

  • Equestrian Gifts Guide

    Equestrian Gifts Guide

    My Picks for the best Equestrian Gifts this Holiday! Gate Belt – Iconic simplicity for work or play, in or out of the ring, straps are interchangeable.  $195 Burlap Toiletry – We just love the mix here.  After road-testing we are convinced its the perfect size too. $125 Paddock Correspondence Envelope – with 3 interior dividers, […]

  • Equestrian Gifts

    Equestrian Gifts

    Gifts for the equestrian are among the hardest.  Because it is always more than just a sport, indeed its an all-consuming passion, to those involved in it… equestrian gifts are the obvious choice… but often so confusing for those on the periphery like Moms and Dads, husbands or siblings.  Technical products are out, unless you […]

  • Free Gift Wrapping This Holiday

    Free Gift Wrapping This Holiday

    We want to make our customers lives a bit easier this holiday season by offering free gift wrap from now until Dec 24th.  As you order, instead of selecting the built in gift wrap button, please use the order comments section for gift wrap instructions.  For example, if multiple pieces are in the order, what can go together etc.  Thank you […]

  • Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

    Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

    I must confess, I’m obsessive about wrapping. It’s the external clue to how something should be valued. I think it applies to gift wrapping and, to some degree, to one’s presentation of oneself. (Must admit, though, as a harried Mom of 2 young kids I present the yoga mom more than I would care to :)) Anyway, back to present wrapping… […]

  • Our New Work Tote, Just in from Italy

    Our New Work Tote, Just in from Italy

    Endearingly called the Packer, we mean this in the finest AA show sense ;).  Made in Italy, The Work Tote is long on function and form.  Inside the Work Tote, a full length padded laptop pocket faces off against a long zipped pocket which inside has smaller pockets to carry all the extra-curriculars.  Like all Packers, this one […]

  • A Girl and Her Pony

    A Girl and Her Pony

    A Girl and Her Pony.  The magic of the holidays is nowhere more completely captured than a surprise pony being discovered on a snowy Christmas morning, wrapped neatly in a bow.  Although it never happened quite that way for me, I do remember reading that part of A Very Young Rider, absolutely in awe of Vivi and the whole […]

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