• Men’s Totes and Luggage

    Men’s Totes and Luggage

    Men’s totes and luggage are an important part of our collection.  Oughton luggage is designed with the whole family in mind – a coordinated luggage set in waxed canvas to use as interchangeable pieces – depending on the destination.  The man of the house is no exception. An example of our men’s luggage is our waxed canvas Packing Case , inspired by […]

  • Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

    Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

    For Mother’s Day Gifts I aim for something more meaningful than expensive, fun rather than serious… Our Course Collection – with its signature stripe – was inspired by the fillies race at Ascot.  In England, racehorses wear custom over-girths, in various signature stripes of their barn colors.  I was so inspired by the gorgeous fillies, ready for their […]

  • Luxe City Guides

    Luxe City Guides

    Grant Thatcher launched his LUXE City Guides in 2001, and since then, he’s expanded to 30 pocketbook-sized titles filled with “smart stuff for busy people.” Thatcher’s latest project, Little LUXE Guides – on how to “go glam with the fam” – is perfect for those modern families that can’t imagine not bringing the littles along… Little LUXE Hong […]

  • Coordinated Luggage Set

    Coordinated Luggage Set

    A coordinated luggage set has been a tradition in my family for years.  Upon graduation from high school, one gets to put away the mishmash of nylon and vinyl duffles that had heretofore accompanied us and graduate to a set of T Anthony luggage.  It was always a bit of a skirmish to decide who […]

  • Modern FarmHouse Style

    Modern FarmHouse Style

    If I had to reduce my aesthetic to a title I think it would have to be Modern Farmhouse Style.  Or at least, that is what I want to build for my family.  And, I think, its quite reflective of the aesthetic that has evolved for Oughton.  So… here is a sneak peak at the […]

  • Equestrian Style This Spring

    Equestrian Style This Spring

    From early Spring matches at the International Polo Club Palm Beach where sunday brunch can be the social highlight of the week to the kick off of the racing season at the Keenland Spring Meet, Middleburg Spring Races in Virginia or many other locales such as Aiken, Southern Pines, etc Spring is full of Equestrian Fun.  Whether its around […]

  • Valentines Gifts for the Equestrian

    Valentines Gifts for the Equestrian

    I love the idea of deferring some of the holiday gifting to Valentine’s Day.  There is a point of diminishing returns on Christmas morning.  Especially if you have young kids in the house, you stay pretty busy, helping them open, appreciate and get working all of their new toys… And, let’s face it, the whole […]

  • Winter Getaway

    Winter Getaway

    I love the idea of a winter grownup getaway in early Feb, when its at its coldest and bleakest here and things have slowed to a dull roar.  Maybe I should institute an annual Valentine’s trip we give each other?  Wondering if anyone has suggestions for great warm Feb trips with a direct flight from […]

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