Carry All

Look good coming and going with this fun sophisticate take on the traditional XL tote, with zipper. Italian-made canvas in deep red-orange [from famed Limonta mill], eye-catching stripe and creme contrast corners and trim accented with burgundy top stitch. Wonderfully lightweight with truly amazing carrying capacity. We believe in announcing one's arrival with great looking luggage and having everything you need at hand. Exceptionally high quality, deep red-orange canvas from the famed Limonta mill in Italy is the same quality used by luxury brands such as T. Anthony and Prada. This bag is a multi-seasonal winner for many types of outings and is lightweight to carry. Pairs well with the Carteret Wallet.   Every Oughton piece has a story...

  • zipped-top tote
  • Italian coated canvas [stain-resistant]
  • faux leather trim [extreme performance line]
  • unlined interior
  • reinforced/stiffened bottom
  • cotton dust bag for storage
  • lightweight, bag alone weighs only 1 lb
  • 24 3/4”L x 16 1/2”T x 10"W

Price: $195.00

Oughton Limited - Equestrian Luggage

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