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Ho Ho Holiday

Presenting our holiday equestrian gift guide.  These are Daphne's must have equestrian chic accessories.  Her absolute fave?  The CityLux, for sure.  With its super-smart interchangeable flaps, you have many bags in one.  It also carries everything she needs for her multi-tasking life on the road (no small feat).  So, for an [...]

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Equestrian Gift Guide

It is said that "It's the thought that counts" and I think that is very true of bag design.  We strive to make ours the most thoughtful, well designed and best made accessories available. The City Lux M, handmade in Florence, is every bit the luxury handbag but with the added dimension of [...]

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LoveList November

Welcome to the second installment of the Oughton LoveList!  I have really enjoyed - again! - compiling the things on my radar into a visual inspo board to share. I am a such a sucker for gathering and organizing info, showing it visually and sharing with friends. Herewith find a few [...]

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Kate Houlihan Photography

I love the idea of this blog being a resource of finds for our readers.  To that end, I have created a monthly LoveList compilation to prompt me to chronicle my faves and share.  I also use Pinterest a lot this way.  Now that my house build project is mostly over, I am using [...]

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LoveList October

Introducing the Oughton LoveList - a monthly column of all things on our radar.  This month, we are especially excited about our new bag, the City Lux M.  All leather and handmade in Florence (done in the factory that produces for Victoria Beckham, Chanel and others), the City Lux M embodies classic equestrian chic [...]

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Our Blue Period

Although I tried to deny it for a while, I have come back to my love of blue.  All blues.  And all mixed together.  Bluegrey, weathered teal, angry ocean and perhaps my favorite: midnight blue can be sophisticated without being harsh, is never boring and feels natural.  In that it is [...]

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Graduation Gift for the Equestrian

Need to find a graduation gift for the Equestrian? You could not do better than the Oughton Work Tote.  Made in Florence Italy.  Handcrafted.  A graduation gift that says: 'Trust me, I know quality work'.  Subtle equestrian style is recognized by other equestrians but just looks plain good to the uninitiated. [...]

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Daphne’s Interview with The Scout Guide Equestrian

My busy home life with two young children and a lot of administrative tasks for a growing business makes it hard to clear my head and get into 'creative mode'.  Nothing does that for me like a trip to Ocala.  At home, walking (sometimes running) can get me in the [...]

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Spring Schooling Style

Showing in Florida this year found me in the boutique paddock quite a bit more than normal, updating my show wardrobe andlove list no copy Spring Schooling Style, getting a new puffer and new Parlantis.  In addition to 'shopping local' while at the shows, I also keep a few key websites on [...]

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Daphne’s List

A sneak peek of what made my list this year...

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