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Graduation Gift for the Equestrian

Need to find a graduation gift for the Equestrian? You could not do better than the Oughton Work Tote.  Made in Florence Italy.  Handcrafted.  A graduation gift that says: 'Trust me, I know quality work'.  Subtle equestrian style is recognized by other equestrians but just looks plain good to the uninitiated.  A padded computer full length side pocket and LOTS of room inside for a full change of workout clothes + umbrella + extra shoes+ computer = uber-productive and prepared. Crafted of Italian canvas trimmed in Italian calf leather and halter fittings, the interior is Italian twill cotton.  Pockets abound: one exterior end pocket, one long interior zipped pocket with 2 pockets inside it on one side and a full length open-top padded computer pocket on the other side. Although we are not sure of much in this life, in terms of style, function and usefulness, we are sure [...]

May 24th, 2016|Equestrian Chic, Equestrian Style|

Daphne’s Interview with The Scout Guide Equestrian

My busy home life with two young children and a lot of administrative tasks for a growing business makes it hard to clear my head and get into 'creative mode'.  Nothing does that for me like a trip to Ocala.  At home, walking (sometimes running) can get me in the zone.  But the best is travel.  Something about leaving the detritus of the every day behind does wonders for my creative spirit.  In the winter, I spend several weekends in Florida showing.  It is as much about work time as it is play time - and happily so, I really enjoy the time to get small projects crossed off my list and I really enjoy being at the horse show, under the live oaks, the largest of which sits right at the entrance to our barn.  I am often found on the terrace in [...]

May 11th, 2016|Behind the Brand|

Spring Schooling Style

Showing in Florida this year found me in the boutique paddock quite a bit more than normal, updating my show wardrobe andlove list no copy Spring Schooling Style, getting a new puffer and new Parlantis.  In addition to 'shopping local' while at the shows, I also keep a few key websites on speed-dial, that I check often, pinning my  favorites on my Pinterest "Style Journal" board, along with inspiration photos to help me pull together a look. This Spring I have my eye on a new Samshield Helmet,  a Noel Asmar boyfriend sweater [for those cool New England show mornings] and another Fior Da Liso blouse... I always have a swipe of Rodin olio lusso lip pomade - all-natural and leaves a protective sheen. In it all goes to my Carteret Satchel, which gets nestled in my Barn Tote along with my tall boots and extra layers...

April 5th, 2016|Style Guide|

Daphne’s List

A sneak peek of what made my list this year...

December 16th, 2015|Uncategorized|

Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Our suggestions for equestrian chic gifts that really show the love... The Work Tote.  Made in Italy.  For the multi-tasking girl on the go. Our Rolling Tacktrunk is uber-tough + designed to last a lifetime. Beautiful Gift Cards,  in any amount, because there is an Oughton for everyone The Course Toiletry Bag.. perfect for travel, your tack trunk, locker, car, etc... The Phony Pony Collection - REDUCED from $350 to $235 for a limited time. The Maude Tote.  Made in Italy.  Iconic surcingle motif with convenient magnetic snaps. Deadlines: Last day to order personalized bags is December 15th.  Deadline for all orders is December 23rd.

December 9th, 2015|Equestrian Chic, Equestrian Style|

Equestrian Quarterly Gold List Winner

We are so honored to announce Oughton is an Equestrian Quarterly Gold List Winner - voted by EQ readers as a favorite in the Leather Goods category... THANK YOU to all our Oughton supporters.  It means the world to us. Second only to Hermes - beating major brands such as Ralph Lauren and Coach - our commitment to customers [our policy is immediate and to-the-end customer service] and our commitment to the best quality goods we can make [often - no almost always at the expense of more profit] is being recognized.  Our goal is to be the best of small, artisanal batch production.  You can find your story here. This Christmas consider supporting the small businesses in your life.  Talk to your children about them, how they too can be an entrepreneur if they want.. and about the fact that where you spend your money and [...]

November 13th, 2015|Behind the Brand, Equestrian Style|
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