Far Hills Steeplechase

I am getting very excited for our pop-up OUGHTON shop at the Far Hills Race Meet October 18th!! I love the Far Hills Steeplechase and the sport in general as a gilt-edge pursuit with a raucous spectator turnout. Referred to by regulars as simply, ‘the hunt’ it has attracted the likes [...]

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Virginia Gold Cup

Tailgating at the Virginia Gold Cup is a time-honored tradition and among the favorite outings for many an equestrian.  The Great Meadow in the Plains, Virginia plays host to a grand mix of people there to socialize and catch a glimpse of one of the most dangerous of equestrian sports.  No [...]

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WIHS Guide For Young Washingtonians

If you are the proud parent of a qualified pony rider, you are going to have a stitch of a good time with your child at the Washington International Horse Show. This horse show does a fantastic job of keeping little people occupied and enthralled... and provides a few sugar [...]

2015-11-18T16:33:50-05:00October 2nd, 2013|Travel|

Hunter Trials

My all-time favorite horse show of the year is not exactly a horse show, per se. It’s our local hunter trials, put on by the city’s hunt club. It’s my favorite horse show because every year, I feel as though I’ve been transported back 50 years in time. It’s exactly [...]

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Washington International Horse Show

The Washington International Horse Show is held during the cidery-est time of year, that is late October. Hayrides, corn mazes, costume classes, tailgates, pumpkin spice desserts and humorous terrier races make this horse show such a good stitch. As one of the last remaining metropolitan indoor horse shows, it features [...]

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Foxhunting For The First Time

I grew up riding and showing on the A circuit, which for an inquisitive [and a bit mischievous ;) ] child like myself, was a bit too controlled of an environment. Since the time I started up down lessons, I have always wanted to foxhunt. The ceremonial aspects, the history, [...]

2015-11-18T16:33:52-05:00September 4th, 2013|Travel|

The Grand Prix Tent

It’s a serious scene under the Grand Prix (VIP) Tent Sunday at the Hampton Classic Horse Show. This is not the low-key crowd, rather this is high society bidding adieu to the summer social season. A mini equestrian city pops up amongst the farm fields of Bridgehampton and celebrities such [...]

2015-11-18T16:33:52-05:00August 31st, 2013|Travel|

Hamptons Style

The Hamptons are a gorgeous set of villages with cerulean blue water on one side and verdant farm country on the other. An amazingly (still) pastoral-beachy vibe, I love the lifestyle (farmer’s markets, green juice stands and Tracy Anderson- enough said!) especially during the time of the Hampton Classic Horse Show, [...]

2015-11-18T16:33:53-05:00August 25th, 2013|Travel|

Bridgehampton City Guide

I always associate Labor Day with the Hampton Classic Horse Show — our last hurrah of the season... although September is a great month to be in the Hamptons if circumstances allow... The laid back vibe of Montauk and Amagansett suit me but we always stay with family in Southhampton, [...]

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