Christmas Gift for the Adventurer

||Christmas Gift for the Adventurer
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Christmas Gift for the Adventurer

No more stuff.  We just filled a 20′ dumpster at the end of the summer and I don’t want one more thing to move to our new house next summer.  Its the perfect year to get away for the holidays. Christmas Eve – everybody will have exactly one present under the tree:  for each, a piece of luxe travel luggage with a round trip ticket in the side pocket and a few key travel essentials inside…  I love the idea of a collectible luggage set, given over the course of time.   It’s a Christmas tradition I have wanted to start for our kids since they were born…  this year, the trip will start early the next morning (of course Santa will surely fill some stockings that we will whisk on the plane…  ) but it could just as easily be a mid winter getaway… I love the Oughton Tacktrunk Bag in Waxed Canvas because it gets better looking with age – wearing your miles logged like a badge of honor… much like the steamer trunks of our Grandparents generation emblazoned with their ports of call….  See what Deborah Needleman, editor of WSJ, says about patina…  Where are you going?  🙂

Luxe Travel Luggage

Waxed Canvas Wears the Patina of Your Miles Logged like a Badge of Honor



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