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Country Chic January Essentials

The snow is falling outside and while, by day, we go a thousand sporty directions… hockey and basketball in the am, the barn for me mid-afternoon and the ski hill for everyone else, I really love reconvening in front of the fire at night….

  1. Utanum is an Icelandic company producing very chic minimalist clothing in Icelandic wool… the founder describes the sheep that walk freely amongst the natural beauty… While not everyone will be able to find this brand stateside, I love the look of any long draped vest: the columnar shape reduces the appearance of bulk while keeping the core warm…
  2. This was something I found on the blog, which I find has an eclectic, almost irreverent viewpoint I am craving right now.  I love a full wall mural with depth.  Doesnt this couch appear to be at the edge of a lovely cliff, with squallering visitors overhead.  If art is to evoke emotion, this one does it for me, I immediately feel far far away lost in a moonlight reverie.  On a design note, I am just loving the layering that can happen with murals too.  Slightly obsessed with the starburst mirror, which almost seems as if a full moon inciting these owls… just love it.  Anything by John James Audubon.
  3. These Rag and Bone shearling motobooties are everything.  I would positively look forward to winter.  Maybe.  I found them on ShopBop.
  4. My Oughton Barn Totes are my most used accessory in the winter… one sits ready to go to the rink with hockey gear, the other ready for the ski mountain.  There is a lot of gear associated with both sports and I find this method so much more simple than letting the gear get scattered to the wind and regathering every afternoon.  I think really these bags keep me from splitting in two now that I think about it.  They sit up on a shelf in the mudroom, ready to grab and go.  Oversized, they handle all the hockey equipment with ease, 2 exterior side pockets get a thermos of hot chocolate and a water bottle.  One large interior zipped pocket is perfect for smaller items and pocket money.
  5. Winter layers for your bed, be they Morrocan or otherwise, I love a layered bed in the winter.  In the summer I prefer all white, tonal initials, some eyelet very clean.  Come winter, I love snuggling in bed with a book with pillows, layers of quilts etc.


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