Equestrian Gifts Guide

||Equestrian Gifts Guide

Equestrian Gifts Guide

Inspired by a life lived with horses, Oughton’s equestrian gifts are geared toward the multi-tasking, all-things-equestrian-loving,  classic chic kinda girl.  And her family.  Here are our faves this season.

Paddock iPad Case in Orange Leather – The saddle flap is iconic yet simple.  With a magnetized closure it is so easy to use.  Very well padded with a gorgeous cotton stripe inside inspired by a Whitney blanket.  Fits all full size iPads (I, II, III), with their magnetic cover.

Paddock Correspondence Envelope – This is something many of us here at Oughton use EVERYDAY.  Daphne sits in carpool lines dashing off thank you notes conveniently pulled from her correspondence envelope.  Long gone are the days of having her stationery in a ziploc baggies with an excel spreadsheet folded inside with all her addresses :).  Also great for receipts, promotional coupons, USEF horse and rider cards…

The Carteret Equestrian Handbags –  Perfect for those flying south for the winter :).  Beautifully Italian made Handbags that combine equestrian influences, authentic equestrian hardware, a hacking jacket tweed fabric from Como Italy with the pristine craftsmanship of an atelier that is a Florentine standard with 100 years experience making for  Prada, Hermes, Barneys, etc.   Inspired by a life lived with horses and the deep understanding that luxury is about inherent quality and true style is your own.



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