Equestrian Quarterly Gold List Winner

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Equestrian Quarterly Gold List Winner

We are so honored to announce Oughton is an Equestrian Quarterly Gold List Winner – voted by EQ readers as a favorite in the Leather Goods category…

THANK YOU to all our Oughton supporters.  It means the world to us.

Second only to Hermes – beating major brands such as Ralph Lauren and Coach – our commitment to customers [our policy is immediate and to-the-end customer service] and our commitment to the best quality goods we can make [often – no almost always at the expense of more profit] is being recognized.  Our goal is to be the best of small, artisanal batch production.  You can find your story here.

This Christmas consider supporting the small businesses in your life.  Talk to your children about them, how they too can be an entrepreneur if they want.. and about the fact that where you spend your money and whom you support with it is a powerful expression of your values.

We really appreciate your support.  Thank you.

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