In the run-up to the London 2012 Olympics, Her Majesty The Queen graciously agreed to host The European Championships in Showjumping and Dressage, on the private grounds of Windsor Castle. And the man to whom she entrusted this responsibility must deliver this great display of tradition, pageantry, and grandeur, all under the weight of his father’s memory, his Country, and his Queen. Simon Sez- The Making of the European Championships is a documentary about Simon Brooks-Ward, the UK’s top Event Producer and his mangement company, as he welcomes 35 nations to the largest equestrian sporting event held in the UK in the last decade, and a precurser to the London 2012 Games. The film recently garnered 3 major Angel Awards at The Monaco International Film Festival.

The film was funded and produced by EMSI Productions, Paul & Tamara Petersen’s equestrian media company. ESMI Productions began in 2000 with $400 and one camera, out of the Paul and Tamara’s garage at their sea side home in Del Mar, California. In addition to producing commercials and promo reels for equestrian and corporate clients, the couple have a new project a weekly Equestrian Sports Television show aptly name “Showjumping Unplugged! TV”. Starting with events near their hometown of Del Mar, California, SJUTV provides live coverage of grand prix’s, polo championships, high level dressage competitions Some 459 episodes later, they’re once again changing the way equestrian sport is viewed online.

Watch a clip from the Royal Windsor Horse Show