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I love the idea of this blog being a resource of finds for our readers.  To that end, I have created a monthly LoveList compilation to prompt me to chronicle my faves and share.  I also use Pinterest a lot this way.  Now that my house build project is mostly over, I am using Pinterest not for the insane number of decisions one needs to make during house construction, but now more for a place to capture the things I have seen and liked, from recipes to things I want to save up for and get one day (my Love Want Need board acts as an informal ‘registry’ of things I lovewantneed).  Style Journal is a place where I save people, brands, ideas that I want to keep revisiting, want to keep in my Style Journal…

Which brings me to my post.  Big time on my LoveWantNeed list is a great, ethereal portrait of my kids together.  But specifically a portrait by Kate Houlihan, the best portraitist I have ever seen.  As I flip through the portraits on her website, although perhaps way too late for this Christmas (again), I am determined to get one done for next year.  The humor, the moment she captures offers an amazing glimpse of personality that is so subtle and absolutely compelling.  I think I would want to print it – pretty big – on plexiglass and hang somewhere in my home… I think I would stare at it all the time… hers are that kind of image.  She is also a horse girl and has a real insight to those souls as well.  (I think I would be in real trouble if I sprung for a horse portrait before a kids portrait though ;))

So I wanted to share this item with you because it is on the top of my list.

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