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Men’s Totes and Luggage

Men’s totes and luggage are an important part of our collection.  Oughton luggage is designed with the whole family in mind – a coordinated luggage set in waxed canvas to use as interchangeable pieces – depending on the destination.  The man of the house is no exception.

An example of our men’s luggage is our waxed canvas Packing Case , inspired by the classic elegance of a man traveling to Nantucket… in his perfectly faded jeans, italian loafers and linen shirt with a canvas and leather cross-body packing case, he stood in stark contrast to the other (somewhat frumpy) travelers….  Read more.

The waxed canvas Barn Tote is the consummate guy’s gear bag – and handsomely carried by my husband to our local shooting club where he receives compliments every outing.  An oversized open-top tote and lined with an impervious (poly-based) linen, his snake boots, tin-cloth jacket, shells and accessories all fit easily:  it’s simply a great looking pack horse.

Another great piece of men’s luggage is the Tacktrunk Bag, which has been a favorite among the horse show Dads.  One such Dad  (also a private equity investor) called me very curious about Oughton, after he had been on a hunting trip where 2 of the other gentleman had the same  bag.  Another horse show dad (who happens to be a rock star) bought the Tacktrunk Bag as a ‘touring bag’.

The rugged chic Oughton luggage has been called “T Anthony meets Filson”.


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