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Daphne’s Interview with The Scout Guide Equestrian

My busy home life with two young children and a lot of administrative tasks for a growing business makes it hard to clear my head and get into 'creative mode'.  Nothing does that for me like a trip to Ocala.  At home, walking (sometimes running) can get me in the [...]

2016-07-13T13:47:18-05:00May 11th, 2016|Behind the Brand|

An Ingrained Sense of Beautiful Horse Tack

Growing up on a farm, where we had Thoroughbred broodmares, it was often my job to keep the little bit of horse tack we had clean.  I took pride in getting their halters glistening clean.  I rode hunters as well and my trainer was a purist.  Horse tack should be [...]

2015-11-18T16:33:48-05:00November 6th, 2014|Behind the Brand|

A New Modern Farmhouse

I am embarking on the design of a new home.  People ask all the time what it will look like, and I guess I would say "modern farmhouse"...  Simple agrarian forms, stripped of ornamentation, our house is taking shape as the architectural equivalent of my line of Oughton accessories.  For [...]

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