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Ho Ho Holiday

Presenting our holiday equestrian gift guide.  These are Daphne's must have equestrian chic accessories.  Her absolute fave?  The CityLux, for sure.  With its super-smart interchangeable flaps, you have many bags in one.  It also carries everything she needs for her multi-tasking life on the road (no small feat).  So, for an [...]

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Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Our suggestions for equestrian chic gifts that really show the love... The Work Tote.  Made in Italy.  For the multi-tasking girl on the go. Our Rolling Tacktrunk is uber-tough + designed to last a lifetime. Beautiful Gift Cards,  in any amount, because there is an Oughton for everyone The Course Toiletry Bag.. perfect for travel, your tack trunk, [...]

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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

For Mother's Day Gifts I aim for something more meaningful than expensive, fun rather than serious... Our Course Collection - with its signature stripe - was inspired by the fillies race at Ascot.  In England, racehorses wear custom over-girths, in various signature stripes of their barn colors.  I was so inspired by the [...]

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Sophisticated Equestrian

My muse is not a person.  It is the sophisticated equestrian lifestyle and those that inhabit it.  My inspiration tackboard (in addition to Pinterest which I love) is filled with outakes from the multi-dimensional, well-travelled and highly discriminating equestrian lifestyles that populate the AA show world.  Those outakes provide context and literal [...]

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Equestrian Gifts Guide

My Picks for the best Equestrian Gifts this Holiday! Gate Belt - Iconic simplicity for work or play, in or out of the ring, straps are interchangeable.  $195 Burlap Toiletry - We just love the mix here.  After road-testing we are convinced its the perfect size too. $125 Paddock Correspondence Envelope [...]

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Equestrian Gifts

Gifts for the equestrian are among the hardest.  Because it is always more than just a sport, indeed its an all-consuming passion, to those involved in it... equestrian gifts are the obvious choice... but often so confusing for those on the periphery like Moms and Dads, husbands or siblings.  Technical [...]

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Our New Work Tote, Just in from Italy

Endearingly called the Packer, we mean this in the finest AA show sense ;).  Made in Italy, The Work Tote is long on function and form.  Inside the Work Tote, a full length padded laptop pocket faces off against a long zipped pocket which inside has smaller pockets to carry all the extra-curriculars. [...]

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Christmas Gift for the Adventurer

No more stuff.  We just filled a 20' dumpster at the end of the summer and I don't want one more thing to move to our new house next summer.  Its the perfect year to get away for the holidays. Christmas Eve - everybody will have exactly one present under [...]

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Equestrian Gifts Guide

Inspired by a life lived with horses, Oughton's equestrian gifts are geared toward the multi-tasking, all-things-equestrian-loving,  classic chic kinda girl.  And her family.  Here are our faves this season. Paddock iPad Case in Orange Leather - The saddle flap is iconic yet simple.  With a magnetized closure it is so [...]

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