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Modern FarmHouse Style

If I had to reduce my aesthetic to a title I think it would have to be Modern Farmhouse Style.  Or at least, that is what I want to build for my family.  And, I think, its quite reflective of the aesthetic that has evolved for Oughton.  So... here is [...]

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Sophisticated Equestrian

My muse is not a person.  It is the sophisticated equestrian lifestyle and those that inhabit it.  My inspiration tackboard (in addition to Pinterest which I love) is filled with outakes from the multi-dimensional, well-travelled and highly discriminating equestrian lifestyles that populate the AA show world.  Those outakes provide context and literal [...]

2015-11-18T16:33:47-05:00December 3rd, 2014|Equestrian Chic|

Equestrian Gifts

Gifts for the equestrian are among the hardest.  Because it is always more than just a sport, indeed its an all-consuming passion, to those involved in it... equestrian gifts are the obvious choice... but often so confusing for those on the periphery like Moms and Dads, husbands or siblings.  Technical [...]

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An Equestrian Inspired Handbag, The Maude Bag

Introducing the Maude Bag, our most recent equestrian inspired handbag.  It just arrived from Italy on Friday and I could not be more pleased.  I have always loved the beautiful, iconic piece of horse tack called a surcingle - with its myriad buckles and hardware...  I love the mix of materials, wide cotton webbing with contrasting [...]

2015-11-18T16:33:47-05:00November 25th, 2014|Equestrian Chic|

Waxed Canvas Luggage

Our necessary luxury?  Waxed canvas luggage. Waxed canvas is the perfect material for bags and luggage: lightweight, water resistant, tremendously strong and tear-resistant and really good-looking.  The fact that is it breathable has saved me on numerous occasions coming back from beach destinations.  We love the patina it acquires, and the [...]

2015-11-18T16:33:47-05:00November 24th, 2014|Behind the Brand, Equestrian Style|

Horse Halter Hardware: Authentic and Tough

I love so much of what Steve Jobs had to say.  One of my favorite quotes of his: "Design is not just what it looks like, design is how it works".  He revolutionized the computer, phone and tablet markets with that principle.  I also loved his adherence to simplicity is beauty. [...]

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Snowman The Horse

I was happy to donate recently to help the amazing story of Snowman the Horse reach the big screen.  (You can still too if you wish, see below)  Selfishly I am looking forward to sharing the autographed DVD with my horse crazy daughter who has already found so much joy [...]

2015-11-18T16:33:48-05:00November 11th, 2014|Equestrian Chic|

An Ingrained Sense of Beautiful Horse Tack

Growing up on a farm, where we had Thoroughbred broodmares, it was often my job to keep the little bit of horse tack we had clean.  I took pride in getting their halters glistening clean.  I rode hunters as well and my trainer was a purist.  Horse tack should be [...]

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