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Luxe City Guides

Grant Thatcher launched his LUXE City Guides in 2001, and since then, he's expanded to 30 pocketbook-sized titles filled with "smart stuff for busy people." Thatcher's latest project, Little LUXE Guides - on how to "go glam with the fam" - is perfect for those modern families that can't imagine not bringing [...]

2015-11-18T16:33:46-05:00April 23rd, 2015|Travel|

Coordinated Luggage Set

A coordinated luggage set has been a tradition in my family for years.  Upon graduation from high school, one gets to put away the mishmash of nylon and vinyl duffles that had heretofore accompanied us and graduate to a set of T Anthony luggage.  It was always a bit of [...]

2015-11-18T16:33:46-05:00April 22nd, 2015|Style Guide, Travel|

Christmas Gift for the Adventurer

No more stuff.  We just filled a 20' dumpster at the end of the summer and I don't want one more thing to move to our new house next summer.  Its the perfect year to get away for the holidays. Christmas Eve - everybody will have exactly one present under [...]

2015-11-18T16:33:47-05:00November 20th, 2014|Travel|

Custom Horse Blankets

I was immediately smitten when I saw Manifattura Valor's custom horse blankets, saddle pads and grazing halters on Dappled Grey, Molly Knott's English equestrian lifestyle blog [see our travel guide for Hilltopping in Vermont]. MV is a very high-end German manufacturer, hand-felting and hand-weaving what I would classify as couture for horses. [...]

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