The Cool of CalfHair or is it HairCalf?

||The Cool of CalfHair or is it HairCalf?
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The Cool of CalfHair or is it HairCalf?

Whether you call it calfhair, haircalf (which is what the Italians call it) or simply cow hide you may not know it is among the most durable, impenetrable materials ever.

Case Study 1:  my cowhide rugs are saving my house right now as I try to potty train a particularly obstinate puppy … even the worst accidents (and they are baaad) are truly wipe and go.  With two young children and a few horses to round out the menagerie, I need more of this in my life.

Case Study 2:  At the horse show, the rain has subsided, I have been working in the tent all morning so I strap my new haircalf wallet to the back of my bike and head up to grab some breakfast… when I go to pull my wallet off my bike rack it is literally caked in mud from the back tire.  Caked.  People are staring.  Some giving empathetic groans.  I walk up to the food truck, grab the hose next to it, spray down my wallet and dry it with a few napkins.  Literally as GOOD AS NEW.

Since then, my Italian made haircalf wallet has endured many more: spilled sippy cups, explosion of applesauce…

Case Study 3: Years ago, I was backordered on our orange haircalf wallet and having trouble with getting the right orange… one customer – tired of waiting – bought my sample wallet, because it looked new.

I also get soo many compliments on it as I am always grabbing it to head quickly in a store… I will never have another type of wallet and am headed out to buy a few more cowhide rugs for the piddling pup… I love that textured, layered look anyway…


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