Trump Invitational Grand Prix

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Trump Invitational Grand Prix

Trump Invitational 2015

I for one was too engrossed (in the limited time I had to watch) in the George Morris Horsemastership Clinic and missed the Trump Invitational feed.

If its worth doing, its worth doing well.  This is a guiding principal for me and sums up the Trump Invitational Grand Prix as well.  And, of course, its a setting that I feel befits such a regal sport as Grand Prix jumping that feature world class athlete pairs that must do everything right both in the months leading to and the 2 minutes of their Grand Prix trip.

Details matter is another guiding principle for me.  Learned through years of show horsemanship it plays a significant role in the design and execution of Oughton Limited bags.

On of my favorite bags would look absolutely perfect at this setting, of the Trump Invitational Grand Prix, and was quite designed exactly for the Paml Beach – Mar-a-Lago and Wellington milieu: The Carteret Satchel, a refined, slightly vintage shape that is textural in absolutely gorgeous Italian woven tweed that looks equally well with jeans, white jeans, breeches or a linen suit at the Mar-a-Lago Club.  It was indeed custom designed to do all of these, with bronze thread tying in with the italian bronze halter squares, combined with whites cremes and tans.  In person, it is one of Oughton’s outstanding pieces.  Made by hand in Florence Italy.

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Trump Invitational Grand Prix

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